10 Questions To Ask When Shopping For Car Insurance

Most of us have what would be best termed as “basic knowledge” of car insurance procedures and practices. That doesn’t help much when it comes time to shop for a new policy. Before you do, you should be ready with questions that help cover the finer points of a policy. The idea isn’t to get the best policy possible, or … Read more

What Obamacare Means for 20-somethings

No doubt you’ve been hearing about all the ruckus surrounding the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. As of October 1, many Americans have the option of purchasing individual health insurance  for the upcoming year at healthcare.gov. By March 31, 2014, the government is expecting you to have health insurance, even if you’re not working, barely … Read more

Do You Need Short-Term Disability Insurance?

Short-term disability insurance is one of those benefits that we think of as being on the second tier of the menu. Most people are primarily concerned with the Big Two of employee benefits – health insurance and retirement. But if you’ve never paid attention to it before, find out exactly what kind of disability insurance … Read more

See Clearly: How To Save On Vision Care

Healthy eyes are essential—so is vision care. Even if your eyes appear to be doing well, your annual eye exam is key to preventive care. Diseases affecting vision, like glaucoma and macular degeneration, are much more treatable if caught early. An eye exam can also screen for other conditions where early detection is a lifesaver, … Read more

Best renters insurance companies – compare quotes now

Renters insurance is high on the list of the most neglected insurance policies in existence. This is in large part because many renters assume they’re covered under their landlord’s insurance policy. However, in most cases, this is not true. And not only do you need to have your own renter’s policy in place, but you also need to … Read more

Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements by State

As a supplement to my recent coverage of the types of auto insurance coverage, I thought I would provide a list of the minimum auto insurance coverage requirements by state. Each state has their own laws governing the minimum car insurance coverage you need—use this list to find your state and determine your minimum coverage. … Read more